Vacuum Floor Puller

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Vacuum Floor Puller with Downpull Capability
  • Super fast set up for floor pulling on most shop floors
  • Pull steel or aluminum with up to 1200 lbs. of force
  • Simple 1 pin height adjustment with load roller
  • 1 pin release to convert vacuum base to down pulls
  • Designed with Anti-Tip safety features
  • 60" tall.
Killer Tools Vacuum Floor Puller ART23 can pull from most shop floor surfaces. Simply roll the puller into position, check that the vacuum plate is not over a crack in the floor, connect to shop compressed air,  step on vacuum plate, and start pulling. Tested at over 1200 pounds of pulling force for sheet metal non-structural pulls on both steel and aluminum. Great for sheet metal realignment and dent removal.

Includes: Pulling tower, vacuum anchor plate, pulling strap, vacuum plate storage strap

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