Ozone Generator 110V

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  • 110 volt model
  • 24 hour timer for scheduling in evening when nobody is present. Ozone will dissipate overnight.
  • All areas in the room will be decontaminated by morning.
  • Built in USA with 1 year warranty.

Ozone shock treatments are approved and used in industry to sanitize, clean, and remediate odors, smoke damage, kill mold, and remove the stench of decaying organic material. All you need is a nightly shock treatment to kill surface molds, bacteria, and viruses.

Disclaimer: In the USA, the FDA has not approved ozone for medical use. If you have any questions about using ozone, please talk to your doctor or health professional. Ozone is not for breathing! Breathing high concentrations of ozone can harm your lungs. See EPA info. We do not sell ozone air purifiers. We only sell commercial ozone generators for use by contractors (or homeowners acting as contractors) to ‘shock’ the air in unoccupied areas ONLY.

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