Short Wave Paint Curing Lamp, 2400W

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Part Number:ART2400
The Killer Tools ART2400 Infrared Curing Lamp uses shortwave infrared light to penetrate beneath the paint layers, and cure from the inside-out without heating up the whole shop. Uniform heating minimizes defects like solvent popping and orange peel, timing controls allow for consistent results, and the durable solid-welded frame is built to last. Includes lamp and base frame.

• Get consistent, durable cures in less time with energy efficient infrared technology
• Even heating minimizes defects such as solvent popping or orange peel
• Solid welded base frame is durable, portable, and takes up less than 4ft² of floor space
• Precise timing and temperature controls for more consistent results

Curing area: 15.2 ft²
Power: 2400w
Temperature 0-212°F (0-100°C)

Includes lamp, control box, and base frame.

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